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He’s certainly not anything like Hitler.


He’s certainly not anything like Hitler. It’s not the Jews who have to worry now. I get the impression that you are trying to diminish the importance and danger of what he is doing. What I pointed out in the post was that he is obsessed with doing this because of his demagogic character, the way he loves to work a crowd and lives for their adulation… what is clear to me at least is that the people (35-40% of them anyway) are too stupid to realize they are being artificially whipped up with lies and exploited by his speeches (He supposedly did read Hitler’s speeches) to vote for people who want to take away their actual government support and give it to armaments manufacturers. People like every Republican in Congress, who are all in debt to fascist-admiring billionaires… It is obvious to me that 1/3 of the people can take over the government and turn it into a fascist parody of democracy while they hobble the economy with protectionist policies, destabilize the world militarily, and try to stick with the oil economy while the polar ice caps melt. That’s dangerous and I’m sorry if I am repeating myself, crying in the wilderness apparently. It would be boring except that it is terrifying.

I wrote this on March 15 of this year in response to what I would call a troll who commented on my post of that date, which was basically the facts behind he who must not be named and his demagoguery, by which I meant the art and practice of leading large, stupid crowds of people in mobs.  In my original post, and I rechecked this right now, I never mentioned Hitler.  When I first responded to him, I never mentioned Hitler.  It was he who mentioned Hitler, on his response to my cautious response.  Spooky.

This is the problem, and I’ve been deeply depressed ever since I realized this: Hitler overtook Germany with roughly 1/3 of the people supporting him.  he who must not be named has a roughly 40 percent popularity rating.  The similarities are eerie.

Please help by contributing sympathy and likes: my snowflake is melting!  snark.

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