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Sophie Bjork-James, Vanderbilt U: “There’s this feedback loop between Donald Trump’s Twitter feed and right-wing extremist movements.”


She continues (again, on the Microsoft News feature version of a NYT article) “They’re not all supportive of Trump, but his language does give them ideas that then circulate online in extremist social media spaces.”

On the subject of “It’s Worse Than You Think”, reality suggests that “It’s Worse Than You Can Imagine.”  DJT is either intentionally or willfully stoking the fires of division as hard as he can.  He appears to be focused on a strategy of promoting civil war in this country between white and almost everybody else, possibly including Asians and even Native Americans.

Native Americans.  People whose distant ancestors made the entire trek from Siberia to Alaska, and on to Tierra del Fuego, on foot, in small groups of fathers, mothers, and children, numbering no more than a thousand at a time, in search of a better land. (does that remind you of any current migrant treks going on in Mexico?)

(image courtesy of and geralt)

editor’s note: for those who bother to read the text below the fold, there will be an attempt to post, on average, once a day, but circumstances may dictate either no post at all or multiple posts and there is no guarantee that the average will asymptotically approach one.)

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