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White House Adds Corrupt, Trumpist Judge to Supreme Court: Brett “Bart” Kavanaugh is known for having a complete lack of human empathy as a judge, and he will be investigated for impeachment by a Democratic-majority House of Representatives– but Trump needs him for insurance.


There is one simple reason why Donald Trump had to have Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court: as insurance should he be imperiled by an investigation by federal authorities, namely the Mueller FBI special investigation.  After the midterms, Trump plans to fire Sessions as Attorney General and hire someone who will not recuse himself and who is loyal to him.  Then he will try to shut down the special investigation; he may need the Supreme Court at any time after that.  Fortunately for us, investigations by state Attorneys General are moving into action now.  Matters such as Trump’s evasion of hundreds of millions of dollars in estate taxes, gift taxes, income taxes, and so on, by fraudulent means will be seen by state Attorneys General as a priority when the federal government refuses to lift a finger against Trump.

A Democratic-majority House may delay actual impeachment for Donald Trump in order to perform nearly-endless investigations that the public will find deeply entertaining.  That should improve the climate for the general elections of 2020.

When this matter goes to the Supreme Court, and it will, possibly more than once, Trump will be counting on certain justices to sway the case in his favor, and Kavanaugh will be right in there pitching for him.  Nonetheless, a public climate inflamed by the spectacle of highly fruitful House investigations of Republican and specifically Trumpian wrongdoing will help elect Democratic candidates in 2020.  Because 2018 will not be enough to tilt the Senate to the Democratic side and elect a Democratic President.

Unless House investigations of Kavanaugh also bear incontrovertible proof that the Senate cannot ignore, it may be 2024 or later before any changes in the Supreme Court can be hoped for.  Thus, we are in for a long era of “neoliberal” capitalism with another potential market crash like that of 2008 looming in 2020 or thereabouts.

Even after the Supreme Court has been changed to reflect better the liberal attitudes of the majority of Americans, there will still be the issue of federalism that the Court has turned severely to the right over the last fifty years.  Meaning that the Supreme Court has embraced the novel idea that the federal government doesn’t have the power to do anything as active as they have been doing, such as regulate carbon dioxide levels, promote universal health insurance, guarantee the rights of LGBT people or of women in general, or even regulate air pollution in general.  Or even the right to prohibit slavery.  Yes, it’s sick.

The ideas behind this notion of federal government impotence are too complex and annoying to get into here; suffice it to say that there is a twisted logic behind the attitude that a federation of states doesn’t have sufficient authority to impose its will on all the multifarious peoples in its sovereign states.  Try that type of thinking on China, and see if you can stand up to them; I don’t think it will fly because the Chinese believe that they’re all one country and one government, and that makes them stronger than us.

From now on, this site will be updated very irregularly due to alienation.

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