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Judge Brett Kavanaugh Is Certainly an Alcoholic and Probably Has Sexually Harassed Women When He Was Eighteen: He is Unfit to be a Supreme Court Justice, Just As Donald Trump is Unfit to be President


By all the evidence that has come out in the past week, primarily as a result of reporting by the New Yorker, Brett Kavanaugh belonged to societies, a fraternity, and even a secret club when he was at Yale as an undergraduate.  The fraternity in particular was notorious for heavy drinking.  A close friend of Kavanaugh, Mark Judge, wrote in a book that he and his friends got blind drunk almost every weekend when they were in high school as juniors and seniors.  More importantly, he has no recall of events that occurred when he was that drunk.  This makes his denials of sexual assault tenuous at best.

Absent a public statement that he is a recovering alcoholic, it is hard to reconcile Mr. Kavanaugh’s other public statements.  To be blind, staggering drunk repeatedly throughout one’s senior year in high school and freshman year in college implies that he had to somehow recover from this behavior in order to become a functioning adult individual.  In fact, he became a conservative lawyer and worked for such far-right law firms as the one that investigated President Clinton and elicited all the gory details, recommending impeachment.  President Bush has publicly detailed his heavy drinking as a youth and his religious conversion after a drink-driving car accident.  Why has not Kavanaugh made a similar statement– or have I just missed it?

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