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In Regards to the Testimony of Anita Hill: She Was Only One of More Than a Dozen Accusers Who Could Have Brought Clarence Thomas Down


It is a little-known fact that Anita Hill actually had more than a dozen (15) women lined up behind her ready to testify, but the Democratic Senate leader wouldn’t let them be heard because he didn’t want Ms. Hill’s testimony to completely derail the nomination of Clarence Thomas– he had already made a deal with the President to let Thomas’ nomination squeak by with the barest minimum of votes.  Further, it is a little-known fact that Justice Thomas had a verified history of heavy use of pornographic films from a local establishment… don’t ask me how I know these things because I just know.

At the current writing, the accuser is unwilling to testify until the FBI has completed an investigation.  The Republicans, however, intend to hold a hearing next Monday come hell or high water because Donald J. Trump has claimed that the FBI “doesn’t want to” investigate.  So we will find out the mood of the country in the next couple of days and we’ll see if there is a hearing with an empty chair next Monday.  I don’t think the Republicans could be that tone-deaf, but I’ve been surprised before.

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