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The Very Latest in Conspiracy Theories


A post on today’s New York Times online says that the purpose of Christopher Steele and Bruce Ohr’s meetings before Donald’s campaign was in furtherance of an attempt to “turn” Oleg Deripaska, known as “Putin’s oligarch” (as if Vladimir wasn’t oligarch enough all by himself… oh, wait, then he’d be an autarch, wouldn’t he?)

The FBI must have kept that secret because it was embarrassing.  There’s no further point in hiding it from the Russians, because Oleg turned around and told Vladimir all about the FBI’s feeble attempts to make use of him.  I’m sure Oleg and Vlad had a good laugh about all the lies that Oleg told to those poor FBI men.

They are only declassifying that now because the connections between Steele and Ohr are coming out and the conspiracy theorists on the right were making a big deal out of it– as if two spies, working for countries that are the closest of allies and both specializing in Russian organized crime (which is indistinguishable from the Kremlin nowadays), couldn’t compare notes without it being a conspiracy against the worst president in US history (according to a strong plurality in a recent survey of the American electorate.)

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