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Legal experts: “special counsel Robert S. Mueller III almost certainly could indict Donald Trump Jr. today for what is publicly known about the meeting; and the president should be deeply concerned about his own liability.”


From the LA Times today, in an article by two legal experts, Harry Litman and David Lieberman.  Their opinion is that what is already known about the famous Trump Tower meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and Natalya Veselnitskaya is enough to charge Donald Jr. with conspiracy to defraud the United States and to lay articles of impeachment for Donald Sr.  The facts are plain: Donald Jr. welcomed a meeting with Veselnitskaya for the express purpose of conveying derogatory information about Clinton from the Russian government to help Donald Sr. get elected.  What is worse, Donald Sr. publicly stated that he was about to give a speech regarding (the same) derogatory information… although he dropped that idea, probably when he realized that an illegal act had already been committed and it was necessary to cover up the connection between his campaign and the Russians.

(image courtesy of and gfkDSGN)

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