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Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy Angrily Demands that Rosenstein wrap up the Trump-Russia special investigation when it is Mueller who will decide when to finish


From the Reuters piece about the House testimony of Rod Rosenstein, deputy head of the FBI, on June 28, 2018:

Republican Trey Gowdy angrily demanded Rosenstein wrap up the investigation.

“If you have evidence of any wrongdoing by any member of the Trump campaign, present it to the damn grand jury,” he said. “If you have evidence that this president acted inappropriately, present it to the American people … Whatever you got, finish it the hell up.”

Oh, the profanity– “damn” and “hell” in the same breath.

This is the same Trey Gowdy who dragged the Benghazi investigation out for, uh, how many years?  Let’s face it, Trey doesn’t care about justice or Don’s malfeasance.  He’s worried about how this will look in the midterm elections coming up…

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