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Comment of the Day: “I once had the misfortune of business dealings with Trump’s organization and it was every bit the clown show his administration is.”

Concerned Citizen

What has he accomplished so far ? Please don’t reply criticizing Obama or Hilary, Trump is in office now. Also as a businessman myself who with the help of others built a successful multimillion dollar company from the ground up, my experience doesn’t support your claims about Trump’s business approach. Integrity, hard work and delivering concrete results time and time again. I once had the misfortune of business dealings with Trump’s organization and it was every bit the clown show his administration is.

The negotiations in Singapore have just concluded with a communique; in addition, oral promises were made on both sides: the North Koreans, to begin dismantling nuclear and ballistic missile sites (of which they have over a hundred); the Americans, to suspend military exercises (something no administration has been willing to do for many years).  It does not seem hard for Mr. Trump to make a deal with Kim Jong Un when he gives away the store, that is the military exercises, which are, in his most truthful statement of the year, both expensive and provocative.  Mr. Trump deserves positive reinforcement for ending military exercises but it would have been more seemly to have coordinated this move with the military and our ally’s military, the people who are actually doing the exercises, which haven’t been officially suspended yet.  

We can say, resignedly, that Mr. Trump will receive a tremendous boost in popularity in the US because of this “diplomatic triumph” (which is more like “Let’s Make a Deal”) but we can hope that clear-eye citizens will still see that Mr. Trump and everyone connected with him are still bent on fatally weakening the American government except in military and internal security matters as well as eliminating all government help for poor people.  Peace with North Korea, and the benefits thereof, do not change the fact that the Trump administration is by the rich, for the rich.  Voters should cast their ballots in their own, middle class or lower class, self-interest, and try to ignore Trump’s foreign policy successes, such as they are.

Kim Jong Un doesn’t need nuclear weapons to oppress his people.  That won’t change and Mr. Trump is not going to put any pressure on him to ease up.  He likes it that way, the Duterte way, the Xi Jinping way, the Vladimir Putin way.  Our democratic values are being sold down the river for a well-done piece of Trump steak.

(clown miniature courtesy of and Alexas_Fotos)

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