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Comment of the Day, From Someone Who Was There: It Could Happen Again, Here

Stranger in the US

I hate to say this but Trump must have gone to the “Hitler Schoo[l] of Politics” for Hitler knew exactly how to manipulate the political system in order to achieve his dream, namely to became [sic] a dictator and absolute ruler of Germany. Nobody can tell me that this cannot happen in the US. Just like in Germany, the Republicans in Comgress [sic] except for very few, do NOT speak out against Trump and his ilk and some of their outrages [sic] claims. All they want is bend the rules and laws in Trump’s favor. My family were German refugees escaping from East Germany to West Germany as the German’s were loosing [sic] the war and the Russians were rolling west. I am now in my late seventies and learned the story of Hitler’s rise well. He manipulated the political system as well as weak and vulnerable polititians[sic] took advantage of a bad situation in Germany[ ]and once Hindenburg died Hitler had it made.

(I think we should be very, very afraid.  This person, whose parents were in Germany during Hitler’s rise to power, must have explained to him/her exactly how Hitler managed his coup d’ etat… Despite the spelling and grammar mistakes (possibly due to English being the writer’s second language?) the points made are persuasive.  It’s not Trump himself, it is the Republicans who are dismantling the government and remaking it in a fascist mold– Trump is just providing the distraction to keep the opposition busy while the real dirty work is done behind the scenes.  That’s the way it happened in Germany.)

(this comment was attached to the article I referenced in my last post, about Trump’s lawyer’s assertion that he cannot be considered obstructive, no matter how corrupt his motives are, because he is, after all, The President who can do anything he wants… oh, and he can pardon himself.)

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