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Comment of the Day: “Our President is a criminal conman.”

Times Pick

We need to be patient.

We do not know what Mr. Mueller knows, but we do know that he has been far ahead of the news. For example, only in the last few days has George Nader’s name become so widely known. But Mueller has already spoken with Nader several times and Nader has testified before the grand jury; he is cooperating, which probably spells trouble for at least Don Jr. and Jared Kushner.

The problem with this investigation is that following the money only leads to more money. That’s why the process is taking so long. Mr. Muller is finding a boulder field of rocks to look beneath. It appears that in addition to Russia, two gulf nations were also willing to pitch in to help Trump win the election. And Don Jr. met with all interested parties along with more Trump campaign people. There’s a lot of smoke there, but this isn’t yet all of it.

Yes, this administration in Trump’s shadow has taken corruption to new levels. I believe the whole point of the Trump presidency is to exploit the nation for profit. What other reason could there be?

Donald Trump could care less about Making America Great Again. Donald Trump cares about Donald Trump. He attacks his own government and our historical allies while obsequiously sidling up to dictators.

This is not an American president. This is a concerted heist coupled with a flagrant disregard of the constitution and years of sound tradition.

My fellow Americans, our president is a criminal conman.

(illustration courtesy of and johnhain)

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