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A Look Into the Future: Mueller finishes investigation one day before Trump Declares War On Iran


The near future is set, according to Mr. Donald J. Trump’s driving egotism, the inevitability of Mueller finding massive Russian influence on Trump himself, and the need for something to draw the attention of the American public away from Mueller’s report– which will inevitably be immediately leaked.  Everyone with a grasp of recent history is aware that Mr. Trump has paid cash for a lot of buildings recently, and since the late 1990’s, he has been seeking funding from Russian sources.  Everyone remembers that Mr. Trump’s son said in 2008 that “we get all the funding we need from Russia”– never mind that he said it in the context of an interview about golf courses.

This deep debt to Russian sources, not to mention his brief oral statements shortly after the firing, is the motivation that will force Mueller to conclude that Mr. Trump intended to obstruct justice when he fired Mr. Comey.  Mr. Trump was worried lest Mr. Comey’s FBI dig too deep into his personal financial ties to Russia because he realized that he could be held responsible for the activities of the Russian spy agencies and their unofficial friends.  At first, he claimed that Comey was fired because of the way he handled the Clinton investigation.  The White House brought forth a memo critical of Comey to support this reasoning.  Then, as he always does, he let slip his real motivation– “It was because of this Russia thing…”

Now, the way Comey handled the Clinton email investigation is certainly susceptible to criticism, although in the end he decided not to prosecute; the remarks he made when that decision was announced, as well as the re-opening of the investigation shortly before the election, were criticized by Democrats.  It is not clear what Comey did that Trump disapproved of.  If the FBI had done justice to the investigations, the existence of the intelligence probe regarding Trump campaign communications with Russian espionage would have come out during the period before the election as well as the email story.

Stories that impugn Mrs. Clinton’s integrity, health, mental condition, and so on have been half-accepted even though they are demonstrably false, making the public media’s picture of her completely out of focus.  The activities of unknown intruders have only superficially been discovered– there are more malign doings than we know about.

True to justice, Mr. Pence should be impeached as well.  I know that’s hard to do, but he was on the same ticket as his boss, and he got the same advantages from the Russian cheating– he was elected vice president along with the Yosemite Sam of presidents, Donald J. Trump.

Unfortunately, that is not going to happen, and we will not move forward.  Meanwhile, the future will overtake us in our blind spot.

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