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Quote of the Day: “the Department of Justice is not going to be extorted”– Rod J. Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General of the US


“There have been people who have been making threats, privately and publicly, against me for quite some time,” he [Rosenstein] said at an event in Washington. “And I think they should understand by now, the Department of Justice is not going to be extorted.” (from a NYT article By Eileen Sullivan and Nicholas Fandos on Trump’s threats against DOJ)

The Republican members of the House “Freedom Caucus” have been interfering in the DOJ’s investigation of Donald J. Trump by demanding enormous quantities of documents, many of which concern ongoing investigations.  Many of the documents have not traditionally been shared with House overseers of the DOJ, and demanding that they be produced goes against all norms of the Department’s policies.  The threats that Rosenstein has faced include “articles of impeachment” that “are being drawn up” to punish him for not toeing the line and not stopping the investigation that looks like it is going to expose a thoroughly corrupt president and equally corrupt Republicans who, we dare to hope, will be voted out of the House this November.  

These traitors are aware of the nearness of the elections and their tenuous hold on power, and surely intend to bring matters to a head before they can be thrown out by the voters.  Look for some exciting and terrifying legal and political maneuvers this summer and fall, in an attempt to protect their favorite destroyer of American government.

(photo courtesy of and geralt)



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