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Comment of 2016:Trump Cheated to Prevent Clinton From Winning Presidential Election: ” It was a coup similar to any other government take over.”



Democrat 22 hours ago

I will never forget that night as long as I live. I hoped and expected that Mrs. Clinton would win and that we would have our first women in the White House at the helm of government.
I had donated my hard-earned money to her campaign, $100. at a time. That is a lot for me since I am 73-years old, still working part time and dependent upon SS to make ends meet.
I had read everything there was in the public domain about Trump and KNEW that he was not fit to hold any public office, much less that of president.
I took comfort in the fact that Mrs. Clinton would win on the basis of her superior experience and qualifications along, not to mention her superb intelligence and demeanor as a leader of the free world.
I thought we had nothing to fear and that Trump would walk away with another reality show and many more fans than he had before the campaign. I never dreamed he would win the election.
When he won I was in a state of physical and mental SHOCK. No other way to describe it. I remain sick over it. And the more we learn about the campaign the more I realize that they were never going to let Mrs. Clinton be president. I have posted that exact same statement several times in my comments on this web site and others. It was a coup similar to any other government take over. They were going to win at all costs, no matter what it took.

(photo courtesy of and johnhain)

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