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Quote of the Day: Pesky Details: Mr. Mueller’s Involvement in the Whitey Bulger Affair Is Limited to a Positive Mention in Report on House Investigation


“In a report by the House Committee on Government Reform, which looked into the F.B.I.’s use of secret informants, the only reference to Mr. Mueller was a favorable one. He offered, as F.B.I. director, to work with the committee to reform the agency’s informant practices.”  (quoted via the Microsoft newsfeed, which credits NANCY GERTNER  of – The New York Times – on Thursday, April 19, 2018)

In other words, all the negative “right wing opinion” on Fox News is so much falsehoods and Mueller had no involvement in the disastrous FBI decisions to back serial killers Whitey Bulger and his pals.  All this happened in the 1980’s.  The right wing propaganda machine is pushing this theme of past corruption, which is true especially in the Bulger case, and trying to make Mueller responsible, which is absurd when he was promoted as being completely neutral and a good administrator who was well liked by his staff.  The whole right wing theme is an embarrassment to the older FBI establishment because they know well that there have been past misdeeds.  Mr. Mueller is the most obsessively neutral FBI special agent who ever lived, and he is being slut-shamed by the most corrupt administration in living memory.  It would be to laugh if it were not so serious.  The very constitutionality of the Federal Government is at issue.

(Lego Slug by aitoff thanks to– I just love this slug and I want to make it famous…)

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