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Quote of the Day, Week, and Year: Republican-Controlled Congress Passes, and President Signs, Obama’s Budget


“This could have been written by President Obama and liberal Democrats,” Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky said Thursday night on Fox News, hours before he consented to a vote on a 2,200-page bill most of his colleagues hadn’t had time to read. Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska accused his party of hypocrisy. “Every Republican would vote against this disgusting pork bill if a Democrat were president,” he said in a statement.

This comes from the Atlantic, which describes multiple agencies Mr. Trump vowed to zero out of the budget– that were retained.  The only major difference was a huge increase in military spending.  There will be a massive deficit because of this military spending increase, but that is for when the Democrats take over the Congress– and impeach the bum (and his sanctimonious sycophant.)  I was really surprised by this bizarre twist.  The National Endowment for the Arts and the Endowment for the Humanities are still there!  None of the humane budget items have been slashed, as Mr. Trump claimed would happen.  Why?  The Democrats were as surprised as anyone.  There is no rational explanation for this phenomenon.  Answers, anyone?

(photo courtesy of and sallyjermain)

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