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Quote of the Day: Representative Trey Gowdy Says Interference With Mueller Would Cause a “Bad 2018”


Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, warned Trump that any interference in the Mueller probe would result in “a very, very long, bad 2018.”

This quote comes from the Washington Post via Microsoft’s news feed, which relieves me of the cost of a subscription to the paper.  I already subscribe to the New York Times and at $15 a month, it is more than I can afford.  At least I can excuse a subscription to the New Yorker at $10 a month because of the beautiful artwork on the cover.  Unfortunately, subscribing to a news feed of any kind is growing more and more futile as the Orange-Haired Demon fills up every possible news opening.

Mr. Trump seems to be getting more and more frustrated with the investigation into his campaign and now, his personal finances.  He has already warned prosecutors not to cross a “red line” between the Russia connection and his personal finances in general.  He already failed to release his income tax returns, as every prospective President has done for the last sixty years.  He has received large loans from Deutsche Bank since the Great Recession, when many fortunes were wiped out.  Deutsche Bank, by the way, has recently paid $600 million in fines to the EU and the US for laundering money from Russia.  Mr. Trump has accumulated an unblemished record of sycophancy to Mr. Putin for the last ten years.  He just has “guilty” written all over his face.  There is only one thing holding him up: his ultra-Republican policy choices.

Our Constitutional system makes it impossible to impeach Mr. Trump until January 2019 because the Republicans hold a majority in the House and they agree with most of the policy that he lays out.  That’s not to say that they don’t wince at some of the more offensive things he says or does, but they think that “his heart is in the right place”– meaning that they, too, are anti-immigrant, pro-protectionism, anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, and so on.  Mr. Trump has made the obvious conclusion that the more regressive his policies, the more rabid his followers.  This makes the 35% or so of people who support him more active than the majority that opposes him.

This means for the opposition that they must pump up their energy as much as possible.  It’s as simple as that.  You’ve got to really, really, really hate Trump to really get rid of him.

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