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Quote of the Day: “It’s Almost as if Someone’s Paying Trump to do It.”–Joseph Cirincione


“Trump is methodically destroying the moderate camp in his Administration and moving steadily crazy-hard right,” Joseph Cirincione, the president of Ploughshares Fund, an N.G.O. dedicated to containing the spread of nuclear weapons, told me. “Today’s firing and the crude, insulting way that he did it weakens the traditional conservative camp, the State Department, and American credibility. It’s almost as if someone is paying Trump to do it.”

From an article in the New Yorker about Trump’s selection of Mike Pompeo to be his new Secretary of State.  Just keep repeating that in your mind: “It’s almost as if someone is paying Trump to do it.”  What does that imply to you?

(photo courtesy of and hansbenn)

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