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Quote of the Day: Listening to a Deluded Old Guy Ranting is Bad Enough But When He’s President It’s Terrifying– Paul Krugman, NYT


“Listening to a garrulous old guy spout nonsense is annoying in the best of circumstances. But when this particular old guy controls the world’s largest military, nukes included, it’s downright scary.”

Paul Krugman’s column in the NYT yesterday, complaining that it’s one thing to listen to a confused, deluded old drunk ranting on a barstool .  It’s totally different when the deluded old guy is the President, and he doesn’t drink.  Mr. Krugman points out that Mr. Trump is wrong on many critical facts.  He could snap his fingers to get a complete briefing on all the facts known to the US government from an expert in the relevant department.  But no.  Instead, he turns on Fox “News” and watches misinformed news readers with political biases and grievances who twist the “facts” (when they don’t get them completely wrong) to fit their agendas.  What are their agendas?  Their over-riding, all-important agenda is to get their viewers angry and anxious over the state of affairs in the world, so they can make them less friendly to their neighbors.  Fear is what drives Republican votes.


(photo courtesy of and TheDigitalArtist)

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