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Delusional Quote of the Day: I’m Bewildered when I see These Reports that He’s in Turmoil. –Christopher Ruddy


Christopher Ruddy, the chief executive of Newsmax and a Trump friend, said, “I’m bewildered when I see these reports that he’s in turmoil. Every time I speak to him he seems more relaxed and in control than ever. He seems pretty optimistic about how things are shaping up.”  (Gleaned from Microsoft News Feed March 4, 2018)

Mr. Ruddy may be deluded because he is a wealthy friend of Donald or he may just be trying to spread propaganda, as his company is so fond of doing.  Newsmax is no better than the Enquirer when it comes to political propaganda.  Unless Mr. Trump is deliberately trying to destroy the institution of the presidency (which is a possibility that I have considered), there is no way he could be “relaxed and in control.”

(photo courtesy of and novelrobinson)

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