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Quote of the Day: Gun Makers Need Talk of Gun Controls to Make Sales Come Back– TIME


“Gun manufacturers are in the midst of the worst business crisis in decades, with double-digit sales drops driving some to the brink of bankruptcy. The NRA, which gets its funding not only from individual members but also major gunmakers, is in a position to help. Nothing gooses gun sales like the threat of new gun-control measures. And behind the scenes, two senior GOP officials tell TIME, the NRA has given lawmakers the green light to float new gun limits without the threat of retribution. The logic: introducing those policies — or even better, debating them — will be good for business. Jennifer Baker, a NRA spokeswoman, denied that her organization made such overtures to Congress and said the NRA’s main concern was not gun sales but rather defending gun rights.”– Time online March 1, 2018

(and if you believe that the NRA’s main concern is not gun sales we can get you a discount…)

(cartoon courtesy of and Merio)

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