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Comment of the Day: Don Is Indifferent to the Truth and the Rule of Law


UCB Parent

CA 22 hours ago

It seems to me that we need legal protection now not only for the special prosecutor, but for the leaders and personnel of the FBI. (I am thinking of those agents that Trump has been demonizing.) How else can it remain independent of the White House? Otherwise it could become a mere instrument of the President’s power, which is more or less what Trump demanded of Comey. Of course the same could be said for the career staff at other federal agencies, such as the EPA. All are vulnerable to a President indifferent to the truth and the rule of law.

This comment was in response to an article describing how senior officials at the FBI seem to be pushed out day after day under Don’s administration.  It is because of the investigation at the FBI that started before the election, based on a drunken conversation between a diplomat and a loyal American who reported it to the FBI.  Despite Republican propaganda, the “Steele dossier” is far from being debunked and was not news to the FBI; they had already started looking into potential Russian attempts to blackmail Donald J. Trump from the years before he was a candidate for President.  Don borrowed a lot of money from Russians to stay afloat and keep his projects going after American banks stopped lending to him.  His casino bankruptcies and other failed financial dealings made him persona non grata to banks in this country, so he cast about elsewhere.  Currently he is financed through Deutsche Bank, which has been implicated in numerous money laundering scandals.  Don the Con has not said a harsh word about any Russian in the last twelve years.

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