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Comment of the Day: Don the Con’s Staff Doesn’t Want Immigration



is a trusted commenter Princeton 7 hours ago

Per the Washington Post, Trump was ready to meet with Durbin and Graham on the bipartisan agreement they had negotiated at noon last Thursday, after an agreeable phone call that morning.

His staff (John Kelly, Stephen Miller) got wind of it and arranged to have immigration hard liners from the House and Senate at the meeting, blowing up the deal. Trump was reminded to use his hateful language in the meeting, did so, and later that evening bragged to friends that he had done so.

They didn’t try to spin the meeting as the controversy over s***hole escalated, since everybody from the White House was at a party in Georgetown. By the weekend, they started to lie about what was said and attacked the integrity of Senator Durbin, who has been described as the most trustworthy member of the U.S. Senate. Trump is now trying to blame Democrats, which will surely play well with his base.

Republicans control the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. They got their new SCOTUS Justice Gorsuch through extraordinary bad faith and are rapidly filling the federal judiciary with judges intended to reverse decades of progress. Their policies are antithetical to the future of the United States and the will of our people.

We will have a reckoning. If we are lucky, it will start with the election of Democratic majorities in the House and Senate on November 6 this year. If that does not happen, the damage done will metastasize for decades.

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