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Don the Con Won’t Talk Under Oath Because He’s a Pathological Liar



The latest dodge from Don the Con, in response to a question from reporters as to whether he would submit to an interview with Mr. Mueller is, “I’ll talk to lawyers.  We’ll see.”  That is a change from six months ago, when he claimed he was “100% willing” to answer questions under oath from a special prosecutor.

It seems that Don should be willing to go through the same procedures that Horny Bill Clinton ( I just made that up ) had to go through during the Whitewater investigation, with a politically extreme special prosecutor, who had already spent years investigating an old land deal that the Clintons were involved in when he was governor of Arkansas.

Just before Bill went on the stand, the special prosecutor got a tip from a lady named Linda who worked in the White House.  It seems that Linda, who was a holdover from the Bush administration and was politically highly anti-Democratic, had been having conversations with a girl named Monica who was an intern working for Horny Bill.

Monica had confided in Linda, not knowing that Linda had been on the lookout for dirt that she could use against the Clintons.  Apparently Monica had a crush on Horny Bill, and he had cooperated to the extent that he allowed her to give him ten blow jobs (Ten!)

So Monica told Linda all about it, and Linda encouraged her to spill every detail.  Most important for Linda’s purposes, she advised Monica not to have a certain blue dress cleaned that had Horny Bill’s semen on it.  Thus, the Republicans got their fever dream, an impeachment for lying to the special prosecutor about an activity that was not illegal in that state ( adultery is still illegal in some states ) and not really anyone’s business but Bill and Monica’s ( and of course, Crooked Hillary’s, who coulda-shoulda-woulda dumped Horny Bill on the roadside. )

Most important for our rant today, Horny Bill submitted to many hours of questioning by the politically motivated special prosecutor– personal, oral examination, not written answers to written questions.  If Don the Con can’t go through a similar ordeal, and we know he can’t ( because he’s not a lawyer, and is pathologically incapable of telling the truth ) then he can be justifiably impeached and removed as president.   If he can’t answer questions under oath, then he’s not fit to be president.

What kind of country would we have if our leader couldn’t answer questions from his own Justice Department?  I mean reasonable questions about his conduct of his election campaign, his business activities, who he has borrowed money from, and who he has talked to in the Russian government, not prying questions about his personal love life?

The Republicans have tried to excuse Don the Con’s crudity, his sexual batteries, his lying boasts, his threats and insults, his management “style”, and even his campaign’s contacts with Russian agents.  They can’t excuse the fact that he owes many millions of dollars to Russian cut-outs and has profited to the tune of many more millions of dollars by selling properties to other Russian cut-outs.

Don the Con is obviously beholden to Russian government interests, and susceptible to blackmail.  The Russians could publicize all the shady deals, the ones we don’t know about yet, deals with Russian citizens who secretly work for the Russian government.  But the Russian story is over.  Don failed to deliver on their main ask: to end financial sanctions on Russians involved in human rights violations.  The Russians don’t care what happens to him now.

The Russians have succeeded in their attempt to sow discord in the United States and weaken us.  They have created a major distraction which takes up large amounts of time that we should be using to discuss ways to “make America great.”  They have succeeded in encouraging the xenophobic element of our society– that one-third of our people who are ignorant and that think immigrants are bad and people of color are bad– to express themselves openly and offend the other two-thirds, while harassing and oppressing minorities.

We are in a cold war with Russia ( which started a hundred years ago with our government’s reaction to the Russian Revolution ) and we are losing.  We must “cowboy up” and punish the elements in our society who are aiding the Russians ( I’m talking about selfish oligarchs here, like Don the Con. )  Our ideals of human individual rights are the standard by which we distinguish ourselves from the Russians and we must protect and extend civil rights ( as well as enhancing individual prosperity )  to win this war.

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  1. 2018-01-11 11:14 AM

    By “the Russians” I hope you mean their government, not the Russian people.

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    • 2018-01-11 2:37 PM

      Ohmyg-d yes. I mean the Russian government. It doesn’t represent the Russian people, that is obvious. Remember the demonstrations after the election in 2012? Putin couldn’t have been more pissed off that people rejected his administration– so he had his internal security people take care of a few things, recounting until the votes came out right. He blamed the demonstrations on Hillary, which kind of set up the whole 2016 election hack, although it wasn’t just keeping Hillary out or putting Donald in. There is also an overarching strategy which we can quaintly call “cold war”: to destabilize our government, to sow dissent and cause unrest and demonstrations, riots, worsen gridlock in Congress, whatever can be done to weaken America. This is because Putin feels his country is weak and in danger of being swallowed up by US culture; in addition, if his shenanigans with money and oligarchs were publicized, there might be some legal consequences and certainly a loss of power. Putin kills his opponents, especially journalists, but also numerous dissidents. This is well known but not widely appreciated in Middle America.
      Another undemocratic thing Putin has done is to eliminate the elections that had been usual for regional governors; he now appoints governors, and they are much better behaved.

      So no. I love the Russian people. I just don’t like the way Putin has been ripping them off and trying to revive the police state he was such a part of before the dissolution of the USSR.

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