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Quote of the Day: Good Candidate Needed to Beat Don the Con


This comes from a New Yorker article by Amy Sorkin:

In reality, the question of whether Trump has the right mind to be President must be seen for what it is: a political question. Voters are the ones asked, ultimately, to make the risk assessment. Those who oppose him, in highlighting his really dangerous volatility, might ask when his supporters will see that he is stupid and unfit—and that they, in contrast, are clever and competent—and just stop this crazy Presidency? The answer, for all practical purposes, is when someone comes up with a candidate who can beat Trump.

This spring, and all the way through the elections in November, we need to work on people to develop the kind of speaking style and charisma they need to beat the Big Con.

(The dog and cat picture comes from Pixabay and is also available in larger pixel sizes.  They have “1.2 million free images” and there’s a lot of cats and dogs.  An amazingly big free site… What’s the catch?  They attach cookies to your browser.)

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