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The Downfall of Don the Con: A Primer, Chapter One


Before we begin, some definitions of terms: a government is an entity with a legitimate monopoly on the use of force.  A company is a semi-voluntary association of individual people that is designed to make money, and under capitalist theory, compete with other companies for dominance of the market.  The use of force by a company is illegitimate (this assertion may be contested by some reactionaries.)

Modern history has seen the rise of the international conglomeration, an extension of the original company, to the extent that such entities rival the power of national governments.  The federal government of the US has been fighting a losing battle against such “cartels” since many of them survived World War Two, partly by supplying armaments to both sides.  This behavior would be treason under the limited US definition of the term, but the companies have gotten away with it because of corrupt deals made at the highest levels of government.  Government has sown the seeds of its own destruction.

The United States federal government, the most powerful national government in the world since 1945, is under threat.  (The federal government is also known to people like Steve Bannon as “the deep state.”  The secret desire of every modern Republican is to “shrink it until you can drown it in a bathtub.”  Lincoln is spinning in his grave.)

Here is the predicted sequence of events: national disgust will gradually continue to build as the full extent of the conspiracy between Don the Con and Vlad “the Impaler” becomes widely known.  In November 2018, the by-elections will turn ferociously Democratic, even in such states as Alabama.  Movements such as that in Florida, to amend the constitution to re-enfranchise people of color convicted of minor felonies who have served their paroles, will tilt the electorate towards a more accurate representation of the complexion of our country.

If (and that’s a big if) the by-election returns a majority of Democratic members to Congress, in January 2019, Don the Con will be impeached.  Conviction is almost assured (see below on the public details of his conspiratorial acts) in the Senate because of the enormity of his deed.

This means that Don the Con will serve out most of his Presidential term in office.  However, if Moral Mike Pence can be toppled at the same time (for his complicity with Mike the Spike Flynn) then, with a majority in the lower House of Congress, the Democratic Speaker of the House will become President.  Let’s go out on a limb and predict that will happen sometime early in 2020.  That means that the next Presidential election will be held on a background of fierce Republican resistance, which will appall voters and assure an Electoral College majority for the Democratic Presidential candidate and possibly majorities in both Houses of Congress.

Here’s another prediction, and an easy one: with the retirement of Orrin Hatch, Mitt Romney will become a Senator from Utah.  Romney is, at least, an ally of the deep state, so this is a positive development despite Mitt the Mutt’s treatment of his dog (the incident in which the dog travelled on the roof of Mitt the Mutt’s car for hundreds of highway miles has been attested to by witnesses and confirmed by Mike’s statement (and I quote, out of context!) “… my dog loves fresh air.”)


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