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Comment of the Day: FBI With-held Info on Trump From Voters


This comment appeared on a New York Times article about the pre-election investigation of Trump’s campaign by the FBI, an investigation that was kept secret for fear of influencing the election:

John M

Portland ME 1 hour ago

The chilling bottom line here is that the 2016 presidential election was a tainted fraud. If this election had been a jury trial, based on all of the new information that has come out, a mistrial would have been declared by now and the verdict would have been thrown out by the judge.

As the article notes, critical, disqualifying information about Donald Trump and his campaign’s illegal contacts with Russia was deliberately withheld from the American people by the FBI and CIA. As voters, we were not given all the relevant information we needed to make an informed decision.

While we were provided every scintilla of negative information about Hillary Clinton, large chunks of critical information about Trump were covered up or withheld. We didn’t even get to see his tax returns!

The quadrennial presidential election is the crown jewel of American democracy. Every action and every decision of every person and agency in government should defer to the sacredness of the American voter in exercising his or her right to vote and being provided with all relevant information.

If we can’t preserve the integrity of our national elections, everything else about our democracy is hollow and meaningless. The tragic story of the 2016 election is that the institutions that should have been protecting our democracy, such as the FBI and the news media, chose to put their own institutional needs ahead of those of the voting public.

Some democracy!

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