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UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Didn’t Know There is no Such Country as Binomo


OK, so maybe you didn’t know either.   But I knew… and Nikki Haley should have known.  She is, after all, the United States’ ambassador to the United Nations.  The report, if it is to be believed, is that two Russian pranksters managed to connect with Nikki Haley on the phone and talked with her for twenty minutes without her realizing that they were playing a practical joke on her.  The highlight, or lowlight, of the conversation was when the pranksters, pretending to be the Polish Premier, brought up the the fictional country Binomo.  They asserted that Binomo, “near Vietnam”, had declared its independence and had elections, in which the Russians had interfered.  Nikki claimed to know this made-up country and agreed with the assessment that Russia had interfered.

In looking up this absurd story, I found that it was carried on RT (formerly Russia Today) and a number of off-center web sites, and was backed up by a YouTube video from the imposters themselves.  Among the sites that carried the story: Raw Story, Newswire, Sputnik, and Pravda (I didn’t know that Pravda still existed.)  Conspicuously absent: CNN, ABC, CBS, etc., etc.  No major US sites have picked up this story over the last several days, despite the audio recording of her voice assenting to the existence of Binomo.

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