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Quote of the Day: Don the Con Hates Immigrants


This quote is from a New York Times article about Don the Con’s attempts to prevent anyone from another country (darker than him) even visiting the United States:

Those who know Mr. Trump say that his attitude toward immigrants long predates his entry into politics.

“He’s always been fearful where other cultures are concerned and always had anxiety about food and safety when he travels,” said Michael D’Antonio, who interviewed him for the biography “The Truth About Trump.” “His objectification and demonization of people who are different has festered for decades.”

In 2014, well before becoming a candidate, he tweeted: “Our government now imports illegal immigrants and deadly diseases. Our leaders are inept.”

His comments were not so much an expression of hatred of immigrants as of hatred of people of color: Mexicans, Haitians, Africans, Afro-Americans, even Native Americans, the ultimate natives.  The only people he likes are white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestants… but he’s happy to import people of any color to work service jobs for him, as long as they go home when they’re done.

This comment, from someone who usually leaves right-wing comments, struck me as interesting and actually quite accurate:

Richard Luettgen

is a trusted commenter New Jersey 5 hours ago

If Trump has six people close enough to hear or be briefed on confidential and sensitive conversations who are willing to spill them to the Times anonymously, then he has a bigger problem than uncontrolled immigration. Unless they’re using burner phones or public phones (if you can still find any), then an FBI he also doesn’t trust should be dumping phones and finding these people. Oh, and I believe the Times that six people came forward, and not Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

This guy still hasn’t learned that he’s not working out of his Trump Tower offices, and that his is one of the most politicized jobs in the world. I might disagree with his extreme position on immigration and be personally offended by the “AIDS” and “huts” comments, but I’m far more concerned by what appears to be monumental naiveté in a U.S. president. And by his apparent inability to inspire enough loyalty among his advisors and staff that SIX (!) people ratted him out.

If he has a policy that the bureaucracy must obey and that policy lies within his powers to impose, then he has a problem managing the bureaucracy. That suggests that he needs to dedicate more attention to the management aspects of his job, and that he should get more of the open positions in his administration filled to help him out. And that he’s surprised at numbers he should already know intimately is astonishing.

Wise the hell up, Mr. President. You’re 71, not 7.

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