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Quote of the Day: Don Was Definitely Told That Vlad Personally Ordered an Operation To Help Him Win the Election


Those who have been following the Russia-Trump story closely know that Don the Con and Moral Mike (Pence) were briefed by the heads of our intelligence agencies before the two were inaugurated about the information collected showing Russia had covertly interfered with the election… what we didn’t know was, apparently, still classified: that the agencies possessed a source of intelligence which had captured the actual instructions Vlad “the Impaler” Putin had given for that interference operation.  Apparently, that source is gone, because the information it gave was recently leaked to the public.  That is, the fact that Vlad’s specific instructions had been intercepted was recently revealed to the general public and is no longer a secret.  Until very recently, the fact that this secret information had been orally transmitted to the incoming President and Vice-President by the heads of our secret services was not publicly known.  Now it is. 

What could have happened, speculatively, was that an American agent operating under deep cover was able to penetrate to Vlad’s innermost circle and overhear the oral instructions that he gave for a typical Russian active espionage program implemented by semi-official agents involving disinformation, lies planted in social media, the use of social media to propagate the false impression that there were numerous actual Americans who believed false stories and supported (or worked against) specific candidates for office in American elections, the co-opting of various American persons sources of information (“useful idiots”) and influence, and so on.  It is also possible that a technological source could have recorded Vlad’s voice so that American agents fluent in Russian could have made transcripts.  The compromise and deaths of two from Vlad’s inner circle who may have been double agents suggests that human intelligence by one or two specific people could have played a part. 

What this means is that Don the Con was told that we KNEW that Vlad personally wanted to prevent Hillary from winning the presidency and had given specific instructions on what was to be done in an effort to throw the election the other way.  So all this time, Don has been lying about Russian “non-interference” and has been trying to prevent the American public from learning that his campaign team cooperated (or even “colluded”) with the Russians in their efforts.  This is a quote from The Daily Beast about the briefing:

…[W]hich covered the most highly classified information U.S. spy agencies had assembled, including an extraordinary CIA stream of intelligence that had captured Putin’s specific instructions on the operation.

Ironically, Vlad may not have gained any positive advantage with his cold war tactics; sanctions against Russian economic interests and persons that hurt him have not been lifted because any such activity by the Trump administration would look very suspicious.  He has, however, succeeded in damaging the American government and worsening unrest in the United States, in part by encouraging race hatred, Islamophobia, and xenophobia.

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