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Quote of the Day: Roy Moore Thinks America was Great During Slavery Era Because “Families Were United”


Roy Moore (Caucasian) candidate for US Senate from Alabama in today’s special election to replace Jeff Sessions (Caucasian), appointed by President Don the Con as US Attorney General: “I think it (America) was great at the time when families were united, even though we had slavery, they cared for one another. People were strong in the family.”

Charles Blow (Negro) opinion columnist for the New York Times: “The pre-Trump Republican Party is dead; The zombie Trump party now lives in its stead, devoid of principle, feasting on fear and rage, foreign to moral framing.”

It seems that Alabamians (Caucasian Republicans) are so opposed to abortion on “moral” grounds that they will vote for a candidate who refuses to accept lawful precedents (Obergefell v Hodges, “establishment of religion”) from the Supreme Court of the United States and has been dismissed from the Alabama Supreme Court twice for this refusal (he was elected, and then re-elected after his dismissal, by those same Caucasian Republican Alabamians), and who has a history of (alleged) pursuit and sexual battery of underage (Caucasian) Alabamian teenagers– rather than a candidate who accepts lawful Supreme Court (Roe v Wade) precedents on abortion restrictions and is personally free of moral taint.

By the way, Alabamian voter laws restrict the privilege of voting to those who can present an Alabamian photo ID at the polls, available ‘for free’ to those who can reach a Department of Motor Vehicles office before the election…  Such laws prevent in-person voter fraud by impersonation, although such fraud is virtually non-existent according to a five-year investigation by the presidential administration of Republican George W. Bush.  Those laws also prevent poor and working-class blacks from voting (due to their lack of time and resources) at a hugely disproportionate rate, double that of whites.  Voter ID laws are nothing more than a racist “poll tax” that will be declared unconstitutional when the issue is litigated at the Supreme Court level, which has not happened yet even though the law has been in effect since 2014.  Section Five of the Voting Rights Act declared such laws null and void without prior review by the Justice Department, but this was declared unconstitutional by a 5-4 majority of the Supreme Court because the US Congress had not revised that section when it renewed the law in 2010– despite the Alabama Congress’ history of continuing to attempt to pass similar racially discriminatory laws.

Just for fun: Roy Moore’s 27 y/o son has been arrested nine times, mostly for “moral” crimes (like drug possession), and is said to insist on only dating (adult) black women to spite his father.

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