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Comment of the Day: Renewable Energy As a Threat to Saudi Arabian Dominance


This comment was posted about a visit on a jet by Jared Kushner to the Saudi Arabian crown prince, who has just arrested a dozen of his closest relatives:

“Died in the Wool” to “Peter Hug” on November 6 at 9:35:00 AM:

Yes, the weak link here is the premise that Kushner has anything of value to offer. Lately all Kushner seems to be good for is begging for cash and grimacing awkwardly at the camera as he recites some platitude or other.

It seems more likely to me that the purpose of Kushner’s visit was to kiss ass with the new power guy. Surely the Saudis are cognizant of the very shaky position currently occupied by the Trump swamp.

Saudi Arabia has the strategic advantage in our relationship. Geographically, geologically and financially, they are extremely strong. It is interesting that renewable energy is the greatest threat to Saudi power — and thus the key to gaining the strategic advantage over the Saudis – yet Republican “patriots” fight with fanatical intensity to suppress renewable energy.

Of course, the simple explanation is that our own fossil fuel corporations and their pet Republicans are so consumed by greed that national security is just not an issue (let alone the future of the planet). I still wonder, though, what would turn up if Mueller were investigating Saudi collusion with the GOP.

Understand that this is a Democratic web site that promotes left-wing theories about these issues, but also understand that the price of solar-electric power panels has dropped so far that they are now competitive with natural gas and cheaper than coal.  Solar-electric power panels are projected to be cheaper than any other form of power within twenty years.  

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