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Quote of the Day: McCain Decries Republican Budget Cuts for Navy


This from the New York Times today, in an article about the conclusions of  a Navy enquiry into two collisions in two months between Navy destroyers and large civilian cargo vessels that killed a total of 17 sailors:

Mr. McCain, Republican of Arizona and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, on Tuesday also pointed to the automatic budget cuts on the Pentagon since 2013, known as sequestration, as one of the primary culprits behind the combined 17 deaths aboard the two destroyers.

“We’ve deprived them of the funds to do it,” Mr. McCain said of the continuous operations in the Pacific. “We’re putting those men and women in harm’s way to be wounded or killed because we refuse to give them the sufficient training and equipment and readiness. It’s a failure of Congress. It’s on us.”

The budget cuts he referred to, known as sequestration, were put in force when bipartisan committees failed to agree on budgets each year and the cuts affected all of government.  They were a clause insisted upon by Republicans that was not supposed to happen but did anyway because of Republican intransigence when it came to negotiating a budget that met the restrictions imposed by law.

As it happens, McCain was treated for brain cancer recently, and it is not known generally what his short-term prognosis may be.  Fantasists on the left suggest that he will turn on Don the Con and annihilate him with the truth.  They can continue to dream…

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