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Article of the Day: Trumpism and Proof of Don’s Collusion With Russia


These statements, in a New Yorker article about Don the Con and his theatrical “release” of the final batch of secret JFK assassination files, struck me as unusually clear and sinister:

But Trump acts in his own interest, and his pursuit of apparent openness has as its real end the undermining of public institutions and practices which depend on professionalism, independence, and trust.

Then there is this explanation of Don’s disdain for the “deep state”:

As David Frum has pointed out, what Trump’s surrogates really mean by “the deep state” is the rule of law. The idea that there are civil servants or functionaries within the government whose chief trait is loyalty to the Constitution and to the ongoing administration of the state is intolerable to the autocratic mind.

And this statement, in the last paragraph, even more sinister:

The effort today is not to get at the truth but to make the truth look unobtainable. By damaging people’s confidence not just in good government but in the separation of powers, which allows one part of the government to investigate another, you create an illusion of powerlessness that can only produce rage and despair, the two emotions that Trumpism profits from.

“Trumpism”– as if Don could produce a coherent, unified policy rather than simply skittering from one obsession to another and one lie to another– is not a coherent doctrine.  It is a melange of talking points directed at the fears and anxieties of the raging white racist underclass, intended to increase their despair and alienation from their own government.  The purpose of this blather is to distract his audience while he deconstructs the government as Obama left it and appoints his rich businessmen friends to high policy positions about which they know nothing– or absolutely the wrong thing.

The indictments of Manafort and his business partner are one thing, but the guilty plea of George Papadapoulos is another.  Papadapoulos has admitted to contacts with Russian government officials starting in March 2016, when he became a Trump campaign worker.  He tried to conceal these contacts from the FBI, but his emails showed that he was lying and he had no choice but to plead guilty.  In addition, he was being supervised by higher members of the campaign staff, and even met with the candidate himself.  He has admitted to acts that amount to collusion with the Russian government and the news media doesn’t appear to realize this.  Mueller has already proven, by this guilty plea, that the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russian government in an attempt to gain partisan advantage in the presidential election.  It’s all over except for the impeaching, and now they’ll have to impeach Pence, too, because he was directly involved.

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