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Article of the Day: The Atlantic Explains Don the Con’s Kakistocracy: Donald Trump “Exposed”


Today’s article comes from the Atlantic, a publication which I had thought was conservative but which is actually an alt-left conspiracy web site (just kidding) . . .

The article, published October 9, lays out the prima facie evidence for Donald J. Trump’s deliberate and on-going destruction of the Executive Branch of the United States Government.  Read it and weep.

Here is the peroration:

“Can’t anybody here play this game?” was Casey Stengel’s famous lament about his inept 1962 New York Mets. The same lament could apply to the Trump administration and its majority team in Congress—but the problem is deeper and worse when ineptitude joins with venality and recklessness, and when the stakes are far more than baseball pennants.

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