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Comment of the Day: Don the Con and His Deficiencies


Peter Crosby

Anchorage, AK 6 hours ago

This is simply another Trump effort to keep his base returning to his rallies. The man has no other means of gratification. He has no moral compass, no empathy, no knowledge of history or even American civics. He is the epitome of bumper sticker politics and policies.
He has never led an organization, other than one which was subject to his unchecked whims. He continues to be responsible to no one but himself, confirmed by the rallies.
The Constitution, treaties, and decades of policies beneficial to Americans mean little, if he is even aware of them. His disregard for facts is staggering as is the disinterest in governing.
The Republican Party is beginning to reap the whirlwind, having no coherent policy to replace the “No” of the Obama years it lurches from one legislative failure to another while the Courts deal with Trump’s Executive Orders. It is in the process of fracturing.
This President does not pretend to represent the people, only those he believes voted for him and only then to the extent of his perceptions.
Remember: the Apprentice had writers, some poor soul is responsible for “You’re fired!”
Feel free to edit or trash this rant. I know change is difficult, but this isn’t the country I was drafted to “defend” in 1969.

This comment appeared in response to a NYT article about how Don the Con plans to hold Dreamers (the DACA program) hostage to his attempts to “build a wall” at the Mexican border and abrogate immigrant’s privileges.

Critics have pointed out that a wall at the Mexican border can’t stop the estimated 40% of illegal immigrants who enter the country legally on tourist visas then overstay.

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