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Comment of the Day: Sellout to Russia


Kathy Lollock

Santa Rosa, CA 16 hours ago

Which seems ages ago, but was just a few months’ back, Comey predicted – in fact was certain – that the Russians will interfere with our 2018 elections if not stopped. So here we are..awaiting a Republican-led Congress to not only admit what we already know about the reality of Russian interference but also, more importantly, to do something to prevent it. Our nation has among the finest technical minds in the world to be able to use our own digital “missile” system, so to speak. But no direction or requests from either Congress or, not surprisingly, this administration. So the GOP moves at a turtle’s pace so as not to disclose the full truth of this past election. Trump lies and blocks and tries to deceive us, with the emphasis on “tries.” And the Democrats can only do so much, actually pretty much nothing. This is a disgrace. But what should we expect? The writing has been on the walls for the entire 8 years President Obama was in office. That is, that these Republican politicians will do anything, even sell our nation, to the highest bidder (in this case Putin) to hang onto power. But the joke is on them. They, too, will lose power when we become a puppet nation.


Miami 9 hours ago

To blame Twitter, Google, Facebook for this is a little like blaming jet engine manufacturers for a war. Sure the engine manufacturers have an interest in promoting sales but ultimately it is our leaders, politicians, and yes, the public at large that says how, when and if they are used.

When it comes to Russian meddling it is less about exploitation of the media that is at the crux of the problem, and more about a population already well primed to believe any story that fed their pre-conceived positions. Russian meddling largely offered confirmation of what rightwing tending voters already believed or wanted to hear. Their audience was ready and more then willing to be duped.

Favoring news that confirms ones preconception is a fairly common trait and there is blame that can be spread around for exploiting such tendencies, but it must be said that the Rightwing, helped by the likes of FOX, Breibert, Limbaugh, and many other similar outlets made it their mission to create an incendiary environment, which even the most reasonable of Republicans were happy to exploit and readily gave credibility to.

The more Trump attacks legitimate news outlets with the “fake news” label, the more we know he is really talking about himself and much of the media on the right and the more he primes the population for Russian meddling. The more Republicans and rightwing media are silent on his incessant lying the more culpable they are in it.


Oregon 3 hours ago

To me the saddest thing about this new warning about the renewed attempts from the Russians to hack, infltrate and influence our political and electoral system is the fact that we have an Administration led by a fellow who flatly denies any possibility that the Russians are and have been actively engaged in a modern form of espionage or e-warfare with our country, and that he calls any reports, to the contrary , “Fake News”. To make it worse, the current occupant of the White House has convinced many of his followers here in the US (including many ex-military service men and people who may have children serving in the military) that these warnings are hyperbole at best, and assures them they are only politically motivated.

So now, we have a situation facing the country that involves being aware that a foreign adversary has already infiltrated and disrupted our electoral process and, in fact, has plans in place to continue to do so, but that due to our own helplessness caused by political divisions and the unrepentant influence from our own nation’s highest offical and his Administration, we can look forward to more subterfuge, electronic warfare and widespread confusion in our governmental process for several years to come.


DC 1 day ago

The most important aspect of all of this is most of the time ignored:

whether trump conspired with the Russians to corrupt and steal the election (let’s drop the lame wording already — ‘collusion’ — and call things for what they are) matters, but only so much.

The key point is already clear, no more investigation needed (although it must absolutely go on) — Russia, America’s enemy, wanted trump to become president!
Let’s be clear about what that means — they knew that trump would cause great damage to the US, and being the US’ enemy that’s what they wanted to happen.
This is really all we need to know about trump’s fitness (and fundamental lack thereof) for this office.
Unless you think that the Russians were mistaken in their assessment of the danger trump would pose to Russia’s enemy number one, the US? Or that the Russians are not the US’ enemy and actually mean well?

Once you fully consider this point the issue of ‘collusion’ becomes, almost, secondary.
The key point is this: trump was placed into the White House by the Russians with the goal of causing grave damage to the US. And we know that for a fact. And their plan is working out perfectly from their point of view.


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