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Comment of the Day: A Failure to Govern


This comment came in response to an op-ed by David Brooks stating that Don the Con is a buffoon (like Abbie Hoffman) who is breaking up/destroying the “meritocratic establishment” which will have to be rebuilt…


Seattle 26 minutes ago

I don’t know. Mr. Brooks keeps missing the opportunity to address real crises in his party (Republican, I presume) and his nation. This week, the Republican party has been pushing an utterly and unequivocally disastrous piece of healthcare legislation that would not address any of the problems with the ACA, but which might well collapse our entire healthcare system. That is so irresponsible, it is hard to find the right words to express the sheer madness of it. Trump and the Republicans in congress are ignoring Americans in peril in Puerto Rico. Oh yeah, and Mr. Trump is toying with nuclear war with North Korea and stoking racial discord here at home.

It seems to me that the Republican party is suffering a grave moral failure, and that failure is placing our nation and even our planet in true, tangible danger. There is a failure of responsibility at every level in the Republican party, from the WH to the Congress to state/local legislatures to conservative punditry to individual Republican voters (including those motivated by racial grievances and those willing to stand by overt racism).

Instead of addressing the profound failures of the conservative movement at this historic moment, Mr. Brooks suggests that the responsibility falls on…well, everyone else. I think you need to take another look, Mr. Brooks. The athletes this weekend elevated the debate with grace, civic spirit, and unity. How can those on the right rise up to meet them?

Not to mention the lack of response by the highest authorities to real crises in Houston (flooding from a record rainfall and a hurricane) Charlottesville (rioting and a right-wing terror attack by vehicle) Puerto Rico (destruction of the electrical system by hurricanes) Mexico (two earthquakes) and so on… instead of responding to real crises, Don the Con manufactures fake crises over trivial issues that divide his base from the “meritocratic establishment” (whatever that is.)

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