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Don the Con “Totally Destroys” North Korea– Why He Must Be Impeached, At Once, To Save the Republican Party


Don the Con made a speech at the UN and threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea if they threatened the US or Japan.  He has not thought this through.  Attacking North Korea, obviously with nuclear weapons, would create a humanitarian catastrophe right on the borders of China and Russia, who would be on the hook for taking care of tens of millions of refugees.  This is to say nothing of what would happen to South Korea, specifically Seoul, after an American first strike.  To clarify, the “decapitated” North Korean Army would reflexively fire all of its artillery located on the DMZ at the South Korean capital, home to ten million people.  Casualties in this enormous metropolitan area would be in the millions, as bad as in North Korea (which has a smaller, much more dispersed population that would not be killed outright by a nuclear attack) but without the radioactivity.  The US would have to supply humanitarian aid to South Korea, and the world economy would immediately enter a severe depression which would make some venal politicians wish for more war to stimulate the economy.

The way this works out is incredibly bad.  Attacking North Korea is a very bad idea.  My first thought would be to hold secret talks with China and offer to stand by if they were to invade North Korea, remove Kim, and take control of their nuclear weapons factories and finished bombs.  In this way, North Korea could not credibly attack South Korea because the South would not be involved.  More importantly, China would not face the prospect of having a Western-allied country like South Korea directly on their borders if the US were to “destroy” the North Korean government and take over there.  After over-running North Korea, the Chinese could install a puppet regime that surely would be better than Kim’s murderously repressive autocracy.

My final demand: lay off Iran.  They do not sponsor significant terrorism, they are holding to a very good treaty preventing them from proceeding further to nuclear weapons, and their people are actually friendly to the US (incredibly.)  Despite their government’s radical Shia Muslim faith and their belligerent words, they are relatively stable and far less repressive than the North Koreans.  Most importantly, their government is not a pure autocracy but has at least a semblance of democratic mechanisms.  Iran is not a threat to the US or the peace of the world under the current treaty or by the nature of her government.  If we hold to the current treaty, so will they.  If we withdraw from the treaty, it will still be in effect (it is multilateral, with China and Europe being co-signers) but no-one would ever trust the United States again.

North Korea is a threat to the world because of its autocratic, paranoid government.  The US is a threat to the world because its leader is a talentless, narcissistic blowhard who is destroying the Executive Branch from within.  Let us hope and pray that Mueller gets the goods on Don before it is too late, and further let us pray that the Republicans realize that Don the Con is an existential threat to their party (and see that impeachment is the only way to save themselves from a blow-out in the 2018 elections.)  The Vice President, by the way, is a threat as well, and should be removed in the same impeachment proceedings because he was complicit in the collusion with Russia to throw the election for his boss.

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