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Conversation with a Troll: I Blog, Therefore I Am


I just responded to a comment by an internet troll– a person who posted a highly religious comment on a science-based website, on an article that discussed scientific theories of the formation of the Earth.  Here is the exchange:


Rick J Mac · 

Personally, I was trained as a child by the modern school curriculum to not believe that a creator had a hand in creating this beautiful earth but some other coincidental insignificant t chance event did instead.

However, as I turned 50 years old yesterday I’ve been able to free my mind of this elaborate 16-year indoctrination that had me thinking I was, in fact, part of some insignificant speck of dust in hurtling through space at millions of combined m.p.h.

Yet the stars seem to reset every year to their exact same position with no explanation as to why. As I dug deeper into this, I found out we are indeed significant in fact earth could very well be the center of the universe and everything revolves around us, not the other way around.

There was and is a creator I am personally grateful to be able to see through the B.S. of modern day faith based pseudo science, which itself seems more like a religion to me than most religions do. There is just no way the number of beautiful things on this Earth could have been created by a chance event that “just happened” billions of years ago.

Conrad Seitz · 

Works at Retired
“Just a chance event”– that shows your limited understanding of the significance of reality. In reality, we exist– in other words, the chance that we exist is 100%. So no matter how unlikely it may seem, we are indeed here and all the things we see are also here despite whatever odds against them that you might think there are.
There are scientific principles that we do not, as yet, understand. Principles such as Einstein’s Theories of Relativity and the law of uncertainty, only more complicated and abstruse (to us) because we have not yet figured them out.
Nonetheless, what we have figured out is enough to show us that our world exists based on simple rules, no matter how elaborate reality may seem to be. So there is no need for God (G-d) to actually do anything– he/she/it only needs to supervise.
Your complaint against agnosticism and/or atheism or “modern day faith based pseudo science” is that it “is like a religion”, which is a common and easily refuted claim that I will not trouble myself with here as I have limited space and time to respond to your supposed conversion.
My conclusion, however, is this: in publishing a comment on this web site that denies the “supremacy of science” you are acting as a troll, which makes all your arguments suspect.
Your entire history is in fact suspect, as people who were raised from childhood on agnosticism and free thought have an extremely low incidence of conversion to religious faith at age fifty.
Therefore, I allege that you are either paid to create dissension or you are deluded. If you are paid to create dissension, it is a fair bet that you are in the employ of cut-outs for the Russian government, whose intelligence services are actively trying to undermine the stability of the American and European web because it serves their ultimate purpose of helping Russia by impairing the “West.”
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