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Comment of the Day: Insensitive Hurricanes



WA 22 hours ago

Is it insensitive to discuss terrorism on 9-11 each year? No, it’s considered not only appropriate, but almost a patriotic duty. Climate change is proving to be a devastating, albeit very different form of terrorism. It’s impacts mostly hit poor and disadvantaged populations, not just here but all around the globe. Yet we can point to real people with a real agenda to suppress that conversation, and stomp on the efforts to slow climate change. This is a real source of fear and anxiety in my life, and I’m going to discuss it.

This comment was prompted by an article describing Secretary Pruitt’s statement that talking about the causes (global warming and Milankovitch cycles) of more intense hurricanes was insensitive when people needed to concentrate on search and rescue operations during an actual hurricane.


BC 11 hours ago

Yes , it is very insensitive to be rational to the irrational. They always get upset, you have to pick “the right time”. Now it Is one thing to point out to your friend that his drinking is ruining his life, but never. never tell a government administrator that his department has become an dysfunctional oxymoron, he will get upset.


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