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Russia Probably Supplied Missile Engines to North Korea


A NYT article describes the origin of the new missiles that North Korea is using to threaten the United States: a Ukrainian missile plant that for years produced engines for the Soviet Union’s most powerful ICBMs.  The plant has fallen on hard times since the Russians stopped using their missile engine in 2006 and switched to an indigenous Russian design.  In fact, they have been reduced to making trolley cars and are near bankruptcy.  The once massive missile engine plant is the original source of the modified engines that the North Koreans have been using since last fall to power their suddenly revitalized missile program, but it appears that the engines they are using were part of a stockpile that the Russians had left over from their use in the SS series of ICBMs.

The conclusion: the Russians, either a criminal gang or Putin’s government, gave the North Koreans the engines to power their new ICBMs.  Why?  Putin is interested in weakening the US and distracting us from the threat that Russia poses to our security.  A cheap way of doing that would be to build up the North Korean threat by jump-starting their ICBM program.  Or is that just paranoia… to paraphrase Thomas Pynchon, author of “Gravity’s Rainbow”: Proverbs for Paranoids #1: Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that there’s not somebody after you.

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