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Comment of the Day: Kelly Doesn’t Belong Here



the new world 15 minutes ago

What is a good courageous patriot like John Kelly doing working for Donald Trump, who’s busy dismantling our democracy & burying us in discord, hatred & lies?

There’s no claiming Kelly is doing this because he respects the “Office of the President” & has a patriotic duty to help stabilize this administration. Anyone paying attention understood Trump had to go when he fired James Comey & told Russian agents in the Oval Office he did it to rid himself of the investigation.

Anyone working for Trump now is either stupid, crazy or ignoring reality. Kelly’s aiding & abetting a traitor. Trump may be president but he either actively colluded w/ Russia to steal our election or Trump’s now – for bizarre reasons – covering up what his associates AND the Russian government did.

John Kelly should not be working in the White House. Trump’s given power to Jared and Ivanka – violating democratic norms against nepotism & is listening to nuts lSteve Bannon & Stephen Miller who want to dismantle our government.

No amount of scheduling & controlling ‘access’ by Kelly will make Trump a sane, decent, responsible human being. Kelly’s no Fairy Godmother or Sigmund Freud w/ the power to change Trump’s personality or values.

Kelly should quit & get out w/ his fine reputation intact. Every day Kelly spends in the Trump White House madhouse, he risks his reputation as a great public servant. Trump won’t hesitate 5 minutes to use & dispose of John Kelly.

This will be horrible to watch.

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