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Comment of the Day II: Analysis of the Situation



Salt Lake City, Utah 22 hours ago

I’m not sure I would describe the current U.S. experience as anti-Russian fanaticism. Leaving Trump aside for a moment, Putin did globally humiliate the past two U.S. Presidents. He has done so in very intentional and malicious ways. He continually works to undermine the U.S. position globally. Most recently, Putin actively interfered with the U.S. national election. The list goes on. And of course, there’s also Trump and team.

I don’t see how retaliatory action from the United States is not only expected but warranted. The fact that a sitting U.S. President would so willingly argue against these measures is the only strange thing here. It’s not fanaticism if your actions are justified. Putin did something wrong and Congress had to retaliate on behalf of the President. That’s strange.

Now Putin is moving to escalate against what should have been a normal international response. This after Trump has successfully isolated the U.S. from Europe and Asia. There’s blood in the water mate. Putin is a shark and Trump is the minnow. He may be President but that doesn’t mean Trump isn’t dental floss for Vladimir Putin.

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