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Don the Con’s Lawyers Claim He Is Immune From Lawsuits


LawNewz, a law blog that otherwise has few redeeming features, posted an article on April 21 about a lawsuit from three protesters who were thrown out of a Trump rally in March 2016.  They say that they were ‘roughed up’ and that Trump is liable because he incited the crowd to “get ’em out.”  Trump’s lawyers’ defense against this suit is fairly bizarre, using the First Amendment to claim that he– Don the Con– was the one whose rights were infringed.  This line from the blog post is particularly telling:

If that sounds like a bizarre argument grounded in narcissism and bordering on the Kafkaesque, that’s because it is.

Don’s lawyers seem to have been infected with Don’s own variety of mental illness.  The arguments that the lawyers make in trying to absolve Don of responsibility claim that the protesters were infringing on Don’s First Amendment rights, even though they were private citizens, and that he is immune from lawsuits because he is the President.  Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.  Don the Con is just as vulnerable to investigation as any private citizen, and if the FBI finds out that he was acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government, offering the Russians a reversal of economic sanctions applied after the annexation of the Crimea in exchange for help winning the presidential election, then he is in big trouble.

I’ll leave it to the FBI to detail the potential charges against Don the Con, since every FBI agent is trained as a lawyer.  Take it from me: don’t mess with an FBI agent.

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