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Civil War May Come to America


Here’s what Noam Chomsky had to say in an email interview with the NYT, conducted over the last couple of months:

Noam Chomsky: We have to be a little cautious about not trying to kill a gnat with an atom bomb. The performances are so utterly absurd regarding the “post-truth” moment that the proper response might best be ridicule. For example, Stephen Colbert’s recent comment is apropos: When the Republican legislature of North Carolina responded to a scientific study predicting a threatening rise in sea level by barring state and local agencies from developing regulations or planning documents to address the problem, Colbert responded: “This is a brilliant solution. If your science gives you a result that you don’t like, pass a law saying the result is illegal. Problem solved.”

Ridicule is a morale-booster for our side, but it is not a weapon of attack.  The only weapon that can possibly defeat the Republicans is the acquisition of enough raw power to pass laws and staff the federal executive branch with experts so that Republicanism as it now exists can be utterly destroyed.  Republicanism must change or be eliminated, or Republican policies will destroy America, not to mention the world.

There is at present a significant risk of civil war between the urban population and the rural population of the US, with blacks, Latinos, and Asians being forced onto the urban side by rural racial bigotry and poor to middle-class, uneducated whites being forced onto the rural side by Republican propaganda and racial affinity.  A further risk to civil war is the proliferation of lethal firearms, over 300 million in the country.  As blacks have begun to feel more at risk, they have been taking advantage of lax gun-control measures to arm themselves as best they can afford.  Other ethnic groups are not far behind in arming themselves.

The violent rhetoric and exclusionary policies of the current Republican administration have led to a deteriorating mental attitude among die-hard supporters of Don the Con.  Here’s a quote from another article in the NYT:

One friend who twice voted for Barack Obama now sees World War III on the horizon and deeply regrets his vote for Mr. Trump.

Revolution is unlikely because the reins that hold the country together are held by the military and the National Guard, who remain loyal to their government paymasters.  But small unit actions by local vigilance committees and hippies who have fled to the hills have become increasingly likely.  Disintegration of the social fabric that provides people with a basic sense of security is making everyone trigger-happy.

The only thing that can hold the country together is a de-escalation of violent rhetoric and the re-establishment of benevolent government.  The first thing that must happen is removal of the current administration.  Then a administration must take steps to provide jobs that pay well enough to keep body and soul together to everyone, even people who don’t want to work.  Everyone must have a home to live in; all foreclosures must be reversed and all housing units must be occupied.  Once these basic steps have been taken to calm unrest, government must attack on the propaganda front.  True propaganda must be produced that shows the actual situation in the world today, with global warming and pollution wrecking the planet and millions of people starving in countries Americans have never heard of.  Someone has to lecture the American people on their duty to help make things better.

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