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Facebook: Birth Rate Drops, 100,000 a year die


The National Center for Health Statistics has published a provisional report stating that the birth rate in the United States dropped 1% in 2016 from last year to a record low.  The birth rate has been below the replacement level for some time, but the country’s population continues to grow as a result of immigration.  The world’s population also continues to grow, although birth rates have dropped; see this CIA web site for authoritative figures by country.  A Worldbank graphic shows the dropping birth rate since 1960, when there were roughly 5 births per woman; there are now roughly 2.46 births per woman.  The Worldbank website also has graphs for life expectancy, infant mortality, and so on.

Another graph on the Worldbank website is of interest: the crude death rate in the United States.  After dropping from 9.5 per 1000 in 1960 to a low of 7.9 in 2009, the rate has increased to 8.2 in 2013, then levelled off.  It seems that the Great Recession has killed a few people in this country (0.3 people per thousand per year, or 300 in a million: roughly 100,000 people a year over the whole US died because of the Great Recession, and are continuing to die.)

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