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A Warning to America: Don the Con Intends to Bankrupt the Federal Government


There is a reason why the dozen-and-a-half Republican candidates for President last year folded up when they realized that Don the Con was such a formidable adversary: they found out he has a plan, a radical conservative plan, to bankrupt the federal government in order to be able to destroy all federal employee unions and take radical steps to impose “austerity” on Social Security.

The bankruptcies of state governments like that of Kansas under a radical Republican governor, and the impasse in the Illinois legislature, are small examples of what Don the Con wants to do to America.

This plan is perfect for Don’s expertise: corporate bankruptcies.  It is common knowledge that he has ruled over six corporate bankruptcies and has come up richer every time.  He started with the erection of a second casino in competition with a first marginal casino in Atlantic City, and the inevitable bankruptcies that occurred (the only way to lose money on a casino is to lose customers while paying out cash in laundered money to assorted anonymous partners) left him better off financially than before, when he only had his father’s hundred-million dollar inheritance to work with.

His most spectacular project in the free world, the third tallest building in Canada, was erected in Toronto with his encouragement a few years ago.  It has suffered from poor sales of office space, low occupancy of the hotel rooms, and poor maintenance, although the staff is uniformly cheerful.  Don has just sold off the naming rights and the management contract to another company.  The original owner of the building, Talon, had defaulted on its three hundred million dollar loan; JCF Capital acquired the defaulted loan, but  could find no bidders when it put the building up for sale.  Bloomberg reported a few days ago that JCF Capital paid the Trump Organization at least six million dollars to exit its management contract and remove the Trump brand name from the building.  Marriott has purchased the building and will renovate it under a different name.

The web of ownership of the Toronto hotel is complex: Talon International Development is a Markham, Canada-based “real estate management” organization which has no listed officers of any kind, according to Bloomberg, but it is apparently owned by the Midland Group, an “international trading and investment holding” company founded by two people, a Russian-born Canadian national, Alex Shnaider, and a Ukrainian-born resident of London.  The Midland Group has extensive trading relationships with companies and banks owned or controlled by the Russian government.

There is no logical explanation for the bankruptcy of a company wholly owned or controlled by a much larger company which is in turn owned by a still larger company.  Why is the larger company not held financially responsible for the deficits of the smaller company?  Issues such as this make it possible for such companies to be secretly corrupt and to corruptly influence or control politicians.  Don the Con is a willing colluder with the corrupt, Russian-government infiltrated Midland Group, the brainchild of Alex Shnaider.

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