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A Word About Don the Con and Collusion


What collusion really means, in the context of the Russians and Don the Con, is that Don has provided the Russians with something they value in exchange for their help in trying to win the Presidency.  The thing the Russians most value (other than money) is information, and that is the first object of their intelligence work (the second object is “active measures.”)  If Don has been providing information to the Russians, that constitutes collusion.  I guarantee you that Don has been informing the Russians on a regular basis, and that there exist tapes of him or people working for him providing the information.

Thus, it follows that the FBI investigation at least centers around the issue of how much information was provided to the Russians and who provided it.  The fact that key members of Don’s inner circle have been talking to the Russians means that the FBI must attempt to learn the contents of as many of these conversations as possible.  This will take time.

In addition, investigators must probe Don’s business dealings to determine if Don received significant financial help from the Russians.  It is fairly obvious that many of Don’s deals are structured to hide potential payoffs– deals such as the sale of luxury properties to Russia-connected individuals.  The fact that Don has been highly complimentary to Putin since at least 2007 strongly suggests the conclusion that Putin has been helping Don with money in the form of sweet business deals.  These deals have been disguised through intermediaries who are either Russian nationals or have strong business connections to Putin.

If Don did receive help, and I’m pretty sure he did, then the FBI will conclude that Don was a witting or unwitting agent of Russia, because he gave them information freely.  Whether he gave them classified information is an open question, but it is unlikely that he was privy to any such information before he became President, and it is easy for him to claim that it is perfectly legal for the President to unilaterally declassify such matters and reveal them to the Russians. However, if he did it in return for their help in attaining that office, that constitutes collusion.

The FBI will also inevitably conclude that Don attempted to impede the investigation of these issues.  As to Michael Flynn, there exists a strong possibility that he provided the Russians with some of the vast quantities of classified information that he was privy to as a military man– and he is already subject to considerable suspicion because of the cash payments he received from Russian sources that he didn’t report to his former employers in the US government.  If that is the case, the fact that Don tried to impede the investigation of Michael Flynn fits in perfectly.

Whether collusion with a foreign power is against the law or not, trying to impede a federal investigation is probably illegal, as Richard Nixon found out.

As a famous Washington person has been saying for a while: Tick, tick, tick.

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