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Syria’s al-Assad is Murdering so many People that He has to Cremate his Victims: When does WW III Officially Begin?


According to the acting assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs at the State Department, the Syrian government has built a crematory at its military prison outside Damascus to dispose of the bodies from the mass executions that it has been carrying out there.  If this is true, it will show clearly that Bashar al-Assad and his administration are guilty of mass murder.  This is an irresistible reminder of a certain German dictator responsible for WW II.  Details on Syria’s incinerators can be found in this NYT article.  I’d like to see Donald tweet about this.

I’m not kidding– this is a historic revelation.  No-one who supports al-Assad is clean.  The Iranians and the Russians are helping a mass murderer.  The world is descending into another period that can only be described as the beginning of WW III.   The Syrian government has responded to its devastating drought by oppressing its starving citizens and has now reached the logical conclusion that it needs to kill most of them.

In a completely separate but somehow intimately related situation in South America, a country is collapsing without an invasion: Venezuela’s economy shrank by ten percent last year, faring as badly as Syria.  Venezuela’s autocratic leader and its elite have been feuding for twenty years and oppressing the citizenry with savage bands of thugs who kill demonstrators in the streets.

In yet a third totally unrelated country, North Korea, the unresolved enmity of a war left over from the retreat of Japanese forces at the end of WW II has led to an Orwellian situation for twenty-five million people.  Their “dear leader” is threatening the US with nuclear weapons so he can counter our threats to annihilate him.

Thirty years ago, North Korea experienced a famine that required UN food aid.  The US response to that crisis ( and to the crisis in Africa involving Hutu-Tutsi massacres ) was grossly inadequate and foreshadowed our failure to respond to current famines.   Failure to respond to crises like these has led to a downward spiral of more oppressive local leadership and further deterioration of infrastructure.

These and other situations in the world today are at their roots related to fights over oil resources (Venezuela thought it could prosper purely on oil exports but failed to maintain its producing infrastructure because of corruption) and climate change that is causing severe droughts in the Near East and Africa (Syria has been in a drought for fifteen years that is said to be the worst in 500 years –see this Vice article.)

The basic problem is that the world is too crowded and too dependent on oil production; not enough emphasis has been put on developing agriculture, renewable power resources, and equitable distribution of goods.  The US has not helped: instead of exporting our excess food and contraceptive technology, we have been getting fatter while poor people procreate and starve.  The world is heating up and billions could die in a war that would make WW II look like a skirmish.


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